How do group classes work?


Group classes are divided into levels to guarantee the best learning experience for each student and for the rest of the group. Contact me to check out which level is the most appropriate for you. Remember beginners classes are always a great opportunity to build a solid base and move on much quicker. Let’s assess together your level according to your previous experience and time availability. 


You don’t need to come with a partner. Just book your spot and enjoy your class. In case you come with your partner and don’t wish to change, just let me know.


You can make up your own class schedule according to your preference, availability and level. You can recover classes you missed,  bring forward a class you plan to miss, or just spread out your classes as you like during your subscription period. 

Just remember to book your spot and inform me before any changes to let me organize the class efficiently. 

Also remember that any changing and recoverings are only admitted during your subscription period. 


For the class you don’t need specific clothing, just make sure you feel comfortable. 

If you have Argentine Tango, Latin Dance or Ballroom shoes, please bring them! In case you don’t, don’t worry, you can use any leather sole shoes (with some heel for ladies). Rubber sole shoes  are not recommended, although, if you have nothing but rubber sneakers don’t worry, at the very beginning anything will do. For technique classes please wear very comfortable/ sport cloths and bring  fresh thick socks. + the shoes you are going to use for classes.. Please remember Tango is a couple dance with constant physical contact with your partner. Therefore, an impeccable personal hygiene is mandatory to join the class. In case you don’t come to class directly from home, bringing with you some deodorant and mouthwash is a very good idea. A pleasant dancing partner makes the class much more enjoyable. 


If you missed one or several classes and you want to recover them, you can do it within your subscription period by adding classes to your usual schedule. Remember you can recover by joining classes of the same (or lower)  level as yours . Once your subscription has expired you won’t be able to recover classes. Remember constance and regularity are the best allies to a quicker learning process, that is why I suggest you a month or quarterly subscription. Although if you already know that your daily routine doesn’t allow you to attend classes on a regular basis, I suggest you to choose single classes.  In case you choose a month or quarterly subscription and you are not sure when it expires, please check your student’s card, which you are given when you subscribe. 


According to your preference you can choose among these options: 

1) Single class

To be paid class by class. You can pick this option either  for a trial or regullarily

2) Monthly subscription

To be paid entirely your first day of classes. It is valid during the current calendar month. 

Month subscriptions can include 4, 8 or 12 classes a month according to your choice. 

You can freely spread the amount of classes you have picked during the current month and use them  until the last day of the month. 

My suggestion is to distribute your classes on a regular basis.

What happens when one month has 5 lesson weeks?  

In this case you have 4 options :

  • If have missed some classes during the month, use the fifth week of the month to recover missed classes
  • If you already used all of your classes, you can pick extra  single classes outside your subscription
  • at the beginning of the month you can pick the special month subscription with 5 or 10 classes ( instead of 4 / 8 ) and get a special discount on your fifth lesson week. Pick this option if you are sure you will attend classes the whole month. 
  •  if you already finished the classes included in your subscription, if you wish you can consider the fifth class of the month as the first one of the following month and renew your subscription in advance. This option is especially useful if you plan to miss a class the following month and you want to recover it in advance. 

3)  Quarterly subscription

 To be paid the day you start. This subscription is valid during the calendar month you subscribe (no matter which day you begin)  and the two following calendar months.

You can use your classes until the last day of the quarter. Check your student’s card if you are not sure when your subscription expires. 

If you subscribe after the month has started, you have 2 options:

  • recover the classes you missed within your subscription period
  • choose single classes until the following month starts and afterwards pick a quarterly subscription

If during your subscription one or more months have 5 lesson weeks you can take advantage of it in 3 ways: 

  • use the firth lesson week to recover classes you might have missed along the quarter
  • if you already used all of your classes and you still have one week to go before the quarter ends, you can buy extra single classes
  • renew your subscription in advance for the next month/ quarter and consider the fifth week of the quarter as the first one of the following  one.

FEES per person   (school year 2019/20)

single class (or trial class) 13 € 

monthly subscription  (valid for one calendar month, i.e. January / February etc…)

4 classes 45€  

5 classes (for months with 5 lesson weeks)

8 classes 75  € 

10 classes 85  € (for months with 5 lesson weeks)

12 classes 110   €

quarterly subscription (valid for the current calendar month and the 2 following ones)

12 classes 120  €  

24 classes 200  €

36 classes 285  €


In order to complete your subscription you will have to read and accept these conditions, fulfill the registration form and pay for the type of subscription you have chosen.

You can pay:

  • cash, the day you begin your classes, 15 minute before the class starts
  • by bank transfer and sending the payment receipt via email ( ask for my bank account number if you choose this option).

Should you have doubts or further questions do not hesitate to contact the student office by Whatsapp or  phone +34 687542290 (Monday-Thursday) or +34 657010124 (in case you need urgent information from Friday to Sunday),  e-mail (  or contact form .