In July don’t miss the chance to train like a professional Tango dancer in Barcelona with these 5 special summer programs to dramatically improve your Tango skills:

PROGRAM 1 (all levels – leader/followers)

The perfect walk

July 4-7th


PROGRAM 2 ( intermediate/ advances –  leader/followers)

The perfect turn 

July 4-7th


PROGRAM 3 (all levels – leader/followers)

Using the space

July 11-14th


PROGRAM 4 ( intermediate/ advances –  leader/followers)

Enrosques and boleos

July 11-14 th


PROGRAM 5 (all levels – leader/followers)

Musicality and embellishments

July 18-21st



You can pick one program, a few or all of them, or you can choose to pick just one or more drop-in classes.

Find out the complete syllabus and special prices! 

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